Apple Technologies – iPhone and Beyond

Apple as a company has been very lucky through the years and Steve Jobs has been a huge driving force in this little companies innovation and success. It is an interesting case study of how the little Upcoming Technology In It Field guy can win in many cases and Apples newest technology is making more news that any competitor ever has. Apple technologies are very solid and starting to mold the future of our next generation.
I was watching a keynote event with Steve Jobs a few months ago and the person who was interviewing him was of course grilling him about the recent decision to not add Macromedia Flash to the iPad. This was a hot topic at the time. Steve had a great answer and one that I thought deserved much more merit than it was given during the interview. Steve Jobs said “We did not add Flash to this device because we do not see it as a winning technology in the future. We have built our business on betting on the next generation of technology and which technologies will thrive in the years to come”. Steve went on to explain how much flack they caught when they started putting USB sockets on all of their machines years before this was a popular standard and other choices they have made through the years.
It is true that a company cannot include everything for everybody and Apple has done an amazing job at “betting on the right horses” so to speak. Another big example of Apple’s devine decision making is when they started putting blue tooth on their Airport Extreme cards. These popular Wi-Fi cards were released with this secondary wireless Importance Of Biotechnology technology that many thought was counter intuitive and simply not needed. As Bluetooth technology has become super popular and many devices including printers, keyboards, mice, speakers and more adopted this technology as a new standard, these wireless cards made years ago are still on top of the world as far as new technology goes.
The ability to see the forest through the trees, is where Steve Jobs excels. Everybody may have an opinion on where Apple should be going and what technologies they should pursue for their up and coming products, but thus far Mr. Jobs has done an extraordinary job at just that. You can call me an Apple fan boy and you know what, I may be. The truth is that there are so many competing standards and conflicting technologies out there for other computer operating systems and mobile devices, that it is breath of fresh air to know that all of your hardware and software are going to work seamlessly together for years to come and Apple seems to be the only company that can provide that.
-Looking forward to the next big Apple innovation, see you later.

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