Are Iranian Spies All Over Kuwait Attempting to Get Raytheon Patriot Missile Technologies?

There seem to be all kinds of reports coming out of the Middle East and it’s hard to say how much is real intelligence and how much is garbage. The reality is that in the intelligence industry you spend all your time collecting 95% rumors, misdirection, and nonsense, but if you are diligent you can get to that 5% of what’s really happening. In walks; Reality Check.
Not long ago, there were reports of Iranian weapon shipments and caches being seized in Afghanistan, one was 10-tons worth of weapons from the Taliban, which would have been used to kill US Troops and NATO forces, or at least attempted. Scary stuff, but this just reminds us all that the war going on is real, and there is a lot to all this behind the scenes. Speaking of this;
There was an interesting article recently in Defense Professionals; “Raytheon Receives $73 Million to Advance Patriot Capabilities for Taiwan and Kuwait,” on June 16, 2010. It discussed the “Patriot-Partners Program” List Of Technologies for foreign sales of Patriot Missile Systems, a five-year program to allow allies of the US to have what they need to defend their nations. This makes sense of course, smart strategic planning indeed.
And yet, an article in Arabian Business News only a few days the prior noted; “Iran spy ring reports set off Gulf Arab alarm bells,” by Cynthia Johnston on June 11, 2010 – helps us realize that the international weapons sales business is not without risk. A similar article appeared in the Jerusalem Post, and several follow up articles has tensions higher.
Raytheon of course, is the maker of smart munitions, cruise missiles, and missile defense systems. Including Patriot Missile type technologies and presently they are working to help Kuwait set up an anti-missile, and anti-aircraft system. Why? In case of attack, as things are heating up in the Middle East, and they have huge oil assets. The military build-up in the Middle East is staggering and has been for more than a decade and for all forecasts appears to be continuing through the next decade, whether a large war breaks out or not.
In Kuwait a large Iranian spy cell was caught, and other spy cells out Essay On Future Life Of Technology of Iran have been discovered in Dubai, and other areas of the UAE.
Raytheon is also setting up a patriot system in Taiwan, which is also well known and discussed throughout the defense industry. However, there are a huge number of Mainland Chinese Spies in Taiwan we are told, and so how safe is this technology to foreign nations, if China is also selling weapons to nations like Iran? It is a crazy world we live in; no doubt about it.

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