Are Low-Voltage Technologies Going to Rule New and Remodeled Homes?

The fact that more and more new and remodeled homes across America primarily rely on low-voltage systems to control the facilities within the homes is revealing. Of course, high-voltage 110Vac is and always will be required. However, low-voltage technologies Biotechnology Park are already embedded in millions of homes. No doubt everyone has heard that in the coming days of our civilization that items removed from the refrigerator and pantry will automatically be added onto the next week’s shopping list electronically.
Security At the present time automatically reordering food items is not on the menu. However, many other security and convenience related technologies are becoming the norm. Let’s just take security as an example. A quality security system in today’s world is expected to accomplish multiple tasks. During the day, while the home owners are away for the day, low voltage tri-tech motion detectors peer over the landscape looking for intruders. This highly evolved electronic device looks for heat variations, Doppler shift movements, and also compares the differences in temperature variations over long periods of time.
Lighting Control Systems There has certainly been a shift towards low-voltage in lighting control. Most really high-end lighting control systems no longer have high-voltage wiring installed within the walls at the light switches. Instead there is a small gauge, Top 10 It Technologies In 2019 low-voltage cable run to each button at a given switch location. In fact, the cable run to a given switch location is likely to contain many individual wires so that multiple light loads and lighting scenes can be controlled from that one location.
Whole-House Stereo How about whole-house entertainment, is it controlled with low-voltage wiring? You bet it is controlled all over the house with low-voltage wiring. In fact, most of the main units of whole-house multi-source, multi-zone systems are conveniently located down in the home theater room. Low-voltage keypad controllers are installed within the walls in each listening zone and make control inputs to the main unit.
Access Control Systems Just to be fair I will include one other low-voltage technology being installed regularly in new and remodeled homes all across the country. That technology is the access control system which identifies people at the front door. The capability of swiping a card in front of a reader is nothing new. However, unlocking the front door of a residence, disarming the security system, activating various lighting scenes, and turning on one’s favorite music is a new spin on that old technology. Yes that’s right, the system can differentiate between various family members, household personnel, and intruders.
I suppose the jury is still out on whether low-voltage will rule as the primary power source in new and remodeled homes of the future. As previously mentioned, high-voltage 110Vac is and always will be required. However, there is no doubt just by examining four of the multitude of controlled systems, that this technology is already the controlling authority.

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