As Small As Your Hand Or Even an Insect – Now a Reality of Future MAVs

MAV or Micro Air Vehicle technologies have come a long way in the last decade. After 9/11, research and development money poured in from the government to help with technologies which would increase the safety Technology Experiments For Science Fair of our nation and help with surveillance of international terrorism. Then the war in Afghanistan, and Iraq also prompted more military spending and research in the area of unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs.
This caused a flurry of new robotics programs at all the top engineering schools in the country. Today, we have seen the great strides and progress that has been made in the research and development of such innovations, and along with Moore’s Law we have seen these surveillance technologies get smaller and more robust.
Today, we have unmanned aerial vehicles which can fly in swarms that are about the size of a dragonfly, and they are completely 100% robotic and autonomous. It is rather Appropriate Use Of Technology For Students incredible how far along we’ve come in this regard and the intense possibilities for the future in the modern battle space or the battle against international terrorism.
We can expect continued discovery and refinement of these technologies, and many more applications than merely military uses. After all, if you invent a mechanical bird or insect you can join the flock or swarm and get an inside view of some of the most evolved and magnificent species on Earth, thus, learning their habits, preferences, and destinations both near and far.
MAV technologies of the future will do all this and more, so, please consider all this.

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