Asics Running Shoe Technologies

Asics is a Japanese athletic equipment company that produces professional footwear designed for many sports. The company’s objective is to produce innovative sport product solutions and technologies to help athletes achieve their goals. Everything they developed is on the basis of scientific work with cooperation of male and female athletes.
Just as every runner is unique, so are their running shoes. Different runners require different shoes that will better suit their style, technique and some issues when running. Asics continuously studies the human body while in motion – the biomechanics: Cardinal Body Planes, Gait Cycle and the Gender differences. It is important to understand that the design features of the Asics footwear refers to body planes and the motions of every body part; the normal body motions; and the differences in the movement patterns, foot shape and size of male and female runners.
The research and development center of Asics had come up with the following technologies in terms of Asics footwear.
1) Asics I.G.S.A� or Impact Guidance System is a technical design that allows the foot to perform in a more natural heel-to-toe movement.
2) Asics GELA� Cushioning System is one of the core technologies, working in conjunction with midsole material to enable optimal shock absorption of the foot from vertical forces.
3) Asics SpEVAA� is a midsole material that improves durability and better shock attenuation.
4) The Solyte Midsole is a lighter version of SpEVAA�, therefore with significant weight reduction and better rebound after next impact.
5) Asics DuoMaxA� technology is a higher density EVA material Technology In The Last 10 Years which helps reduce the effect of overpronation.
6) The Trusstic SystemA� technology is a molded component which reduces the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structural integrity of the shoe.
7) The Dynamic Cradle technology is placed in the midsole and helps balance the foot while it moves through the gait cycle.
8) Biomorphic Fit technology uses high-tech stretch materials to allow the shoe upper to move with the foot reducing friction.
9) DuoSoleA� technology allows for better flexibility, traction and lightweight to the shoe.
10) PHFA� or Personalized Heel Fit is made up of high density self-molding foam that hugs the contour of the heel, increases traction and durability.
11) Asics has a variety of widths depending on gender and width size to accommodate athlete’s fit requirements. This is commonly known as gender engineering and is one of the technologies leading shoe manufacturers focus on.
These are just some of the technologies that Asics have injected into their shoes. Some skeptics might think that they are all just marketing tricks. But people who have been running for decades can attest to the effectiveness of these technologies.
Because of modern shoe companies like Asics running has been pushed forwards from the fringe sport that it was to the sporting Science Activities For High School icon it is today. And all that thanks to their never ending research for the best technologies to drive their products.

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