Blu-ray – A Technology of New Era

Blue-ray is next generation computer storage technology that is commonly known as Blue-ray Disk (BD). If we talk about its creation, it was jointly created by leading companies in the field of computers, electronics and media that was formed the Blue-ray Disk Association (BDA). Hitachi, Dell, HP, Samsung Electronics, Apple, Sun Microsystems, Walt Disney Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment are few companies of this association. The name ‘Blue-ray’ has derived from its use of blue laser for read and write operation.
Currently, lots of people are confused that for which format to go-Blu-ray or HD-DVD. Generally, most of the public don’t know strengths, weaknesses and unique market points of this new technology. If you are also one of them, then I am sure that this article will help you a lot.
Forget the DVDs, otherwise you may find yourself far away from high quality audio and video and technology of high storage capacity optical disk. There are two major reasons for replacement of DVDs with BDs. Firstly, the high storage capacity of BD which is nearly 45-50 GB, it is much higher than the capacity of DVD (10GB). You would compare a calculator to PC. Both perform same operations of mathematics and computation but PC can perform it much faster than calculator. In the same way, BD and DVD perform same tasks but Blu-ray can perform operations in better way.
The increasing popularity of HDTVs is the second reason. HDTV requires 1080p of resolution but DVD can provide only 480p Future Trends In Agriculture of resolution. So, for best picture quality you need to switch to latest technology and have BD and BD player too.
Also you are not required to worry about your huge collection of DVDs as blue-ray player can lay your DVDs too. Thus you are free from the headache of translating your DVDs to BD version.
This technology is emerging into media industry at very high level. The film makers have adopted this technology and applied it as a standard technology for production. Some other useful uses of blue-ray are in medical diagnostics, where it is used to get high definition results and quality for equipments such as Brain Scan. It has been also used in micro-projectors and other scanning equipments used in environmental monitoring.
Now you have a better understanding of what BD is to enable you to make a better Agricultural Technology Degree and smart decision when you ultimately decide which format to upgrade to.

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