Brochure Printing for Information Technology

For many companies, IT outsourcing offers an attractive alternative to hiring and maintaining a dedicated employee or in house IT staff. Outsourcing support reduces expenses since technicians are only utilized when needed. IT consultants provide targeted services that will ensure that data systems continue to operate at optimal efficiency with reduced down present the many different outsourcing services offered through third party providers, information technology brochures can prove extremely effective as a marketing and advertising tool.

Brochure Design

Information technology is an industry where the development of faster and more efficient systems continues to evolve at blinding speed. IT brochures can quickly appear dated, and it is important to revise the piece regularly so that leading edge distinctiveness is not compromised.

When selling services to prospective companies in Detroit, information technology brochures Information Technology In Business should include certain elements that will inform and impress data center administrators.

Technical yet Interesting: Information technology is a discipline that includes many technical concepts and unique language. The overall brochure concept must be simple enough to appeal to budget administrators, and detailed enough to convince a data center manager.

Maintain a Uniform Style: Process managers work in a world where the objective is to maintain consistency in data systems performance. When targeting companies in Detroit, information technology brochures should maintain the same overall style throughout the piece. Keep fonts uniform and don’t switch descriptive writing voices.

Use Bullet Points: IT managers are generally performance motivated. They often look to drill down to the crux of the matter and avoid superfluous distractions. Listing Evo Classroom Kit services such as web hosting, 24/7 monitoring, data migration and other distinctive features in a bullet point format will appeal to time sensitive clients.

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Create Effective Content: Data managers are very interested in emerging technologies. Include content that will appeal to their technical nature and avoid obvious sales pitches. It is important to remain factual while minimizing the use of adjectives, metaphors and personal opinions.

Reduce Clutter: Overwhelming the reader with too much information is counter productive. Highlight provided services, contact information and other important assets while creating competitive differentiation.


For companies developing an information technology brochure, Print Shop can help by offering extensive graphic design services. IT brochures can include a significant amount of information, and there are numerous paper size and folding options available. Print Shop works with their clients to ensure that the finished brochure will look professional, attractive and appealing.