Classroom Technology & Audience Response Systems

In the world of modern education one has to incorporate modern technology for classroom interactions and daily activities in a classroom. There the concept of Classroom Technology comes into picture. More and more Rate Of Innovation Classroom technologies have been introduced in the educational market to cater to the need of traditional classroom teaching transforming seamlessly into a more modern interactive knowledge transfer session.
One of the most dynamic classroom technologies is iCue. iCue is value based student response system for k-12 segment in the E learning world. iCue response units are built for ensconcing reliable and value based feedback in the same system that will help the education sector immensely. It is able to remotely work with their free software and receiving unit which has the capacity to handle classrooms and auditoriums with thousands of learners and students, Types Of Bioindustries controlled by a single facilitator. iCue provides for the ability to receive ten unique responses per student and validates the fact for each student that their response has been received. Thus iCue makes the learning environment interactive and engaging, providing for a unique kind of assessment of comprehension, encouraging performance, seamless integration of data, automatic grading system, and consequently an increase in productivity.
Therefore it can be concluded that in Classroom Technology, Audience Response Systems is one of the medium through which the trainer or teacher can engage young learners and it can instantly provide feedback for teachers to assess the student’s achievement. It is one of the leading Global Response solutions which are innovative, quick, accurate and value based.

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