Computer And Mobile

Computer has changed the whole world and has brought a lot of easiness in every field of life. By using computers, task could be made much easier and by using it people can save most of their time but some people see it as disease as it snatches natural ability of using mind. Importance Of Technology In The Classroom For example when people do all work on calculator relating to calculations then if some time they don’t have any calculator then they’d find this thing very uncomfortable. We can’t only do official work but can also play game, enjoy movies, songs and much more on computer.
Similarly, Mobile is great invention of modern times and is very helpful in task scheduling. When in past people don’t have mobiles then a lot of time was wasted in traveling and seeing whether the desired person is available or not but now with this device this distance could be covered in few seconds.
Some people claim that these new invention has put a lot of bad effect on people. They claim that by playing games on computer people waste a lot of their time which could be used for some other worthwhile project or task. The same is the case with mobile where young boys and girls are always chatting each other instead of using it for some useful work.
In short we can say that Computers or mobile are not bad inventions but they are great blessings to mankind Use Of Digital Technology In Education but all depends on how the people use it whether they use it for their betterment or for their destruction.

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