Connecting the World – Broadband Internet

Amazing how in just a short couple of years the internet has become a worldwide phenomenon. Connecting people from different walks of life and from different parts of the world to one global community, the internet has grown over the years, from it’s military origins to dial-up, and now broadband internet. The network of interconnected computers just keeps on growing, it is now not only limited to computers, it also covers mobile phones through the 3G and 4G broadband wireless networks of telecommunications companies like AT&T, Verizon and Clear.
A lot of people probably remember dial-up and the paltry speeds that it provided to users who wanted to access the internet. With the advent of DSL, cable internet, and other broadband internet technologies, the speed by which users could connect to the internet has exponentially grown, and along with this the number of users and subscribers of the services offered by internet service providers have also grown exponentially. Faster download and upload rates meant that users Latest Electronics and subscribers would not have to wait too long for a page to load. The faster download and upload rates also resulted in changes not only in the number of users of the internet but it also resulted in changes in the applications and overall layout of the internet. The resulting overall impact of the switch from dial-up to broadband has basically caused sites like Facebook and YouTube to shoot to popularity, and has drastically changed how people view the internet nowadays.
In the next couple of years wireless broadband internet access will gravely impact the future of the internet. Not too long ago, mobile phones were only used for making and answering calls, and also for sending text messages. Now with 3G and 4G technology present in the newest models of mobile phones, a user can check Computer Repair Technician Requirements on his or her status updates on Facebook and Myspace, watch movies, and play a cornucopia of games without even plugging in to a wall jack or much less turning on his or her computer. The things you can do now with the mobile phone are nothing short of amazing, and that is all thanks to the power of the internet.

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