Cool Summer Tech Treats

Summer is upon us, which means we’ve undoubtedly entertained the notion of lazing about on a chaise lounge while sipping something chilled and fruity in a remote destination. But since we no longer have the luxury of a three-month, no obligation break from reality like we did back in the day, we approach summer vacations in a slightly different way. Suffering from a mild case of Peter Pan syndrome myself, I refuse to completely abandon the careless abandon of my youth, but am willing to compromise on time.
But seriously, I do.
Anyway, I may be shorter on time and longer on tasks, but at least I can afford the luxury of a few more treats from the ice cream man than I used to. However you choose to enjoy the warmer weather, don’t forget to take some delicious technology treats along with you — whether on a precious little getaway or routine business trip. If it’s the latter, remember there’s always room for business AND pleasure!
1. Lytro camera: A focus-free digital camera that lets you capture moments without needing to stop and adjust setting, flash or exposure type. Set for release later this year, new technology enables this camera to capture all of the information possible in the field of light around it in endless ways. Focus on anything in the image, change the light levels and create pictures in 3-D. $$TBD
2. Lark Un-Alarm Clock: Best wake-up call EVER! If, like me, you liken the sound of your alarm clock to the screeching of a horror soundtrack, you’ll instantly fall for this refreshing invention. Made up of a charging dock and wristband, this un-alarm clock does the double duty of quietly waking you up while charging your iPhone, iPad or iTouch. Amazingly un-annoying, it can also track your sleep patterns and keep your bedmate sleeping soundly as you awake. $129
3. Spark Tablet Case: With this solar-powered case, take a hike (and a camping trip, for that matter) without worrying about your tablet’s battery supply. This voltaic case charges your tablet wherever you go, no plug or battery required. Made from PET (recycled Importance Of Technology In Education Essay soda bottles), it has solar panels on each side that fully charge the internal battery in 10 hours in direct sunlight. Each USB port (2 included) provides 5 volts of energy, and you can plug in pretty much any other device with an adapter. $299
4. Pioneer’s AppRadio: Bringing iPod connectivity to the dashboard, the AppRadio is an in-vehicle product that uses the processing power, storage capacity and network connectivity and apps of an iPhone or Blue Biotechnology iPod touch as its main source of information. Using its touchscreen, it displays and controls both music and compatible apps. AppRadio comes tailored with a simplified interface for safe driving. $400

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