DARPA Has Its Critics But I Guarantee You I Am Not One of Them

There are a lot of anti-war protestors out there that like to call DARPA; Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency onto the carpet for creating technologies that will be used to defend our nation, allies, and interests, and New Technology 2020 In Computer Science yes, some will be used to eliminate our enemies from said planet. Of course, anyone who is anti-war is against anything having any relationship to it. So, we ought to take the anti-DARPA critique with a grain of salt.
Not long ago, an acquaintance of mine stated with regards to DARPA’s Grand Challenge; “It’s like Sophisticated Technology Synonym all the nerdy guys went gungho over intelligent automation and a lot of them fail every year.”
Interestingly enough, I think he’s right, but he missed the point. After all, that’s the mission of DARPA; “High risk, high pay off.” Meaning it’s okay if some of the projects failed, and really that’s fine by me, but realize the DARPA Challenge was an awesome success for the few dollars it cost the tax payers, like the X-Prizes brilliant.
Of course, we stole this idea from Germany who used contests, races and etc, to build up the technology for their war machine. Von Braun became famous that way. It’s been working ever since. It doesn’t matter if many failed, because some succeeded, and we got what we needed. See the point.
What I find so interesting is that people use the Internet to complain about DARPA, whose predecessor ARPA is the one that created ARPA-Net, which later became the internet. Isn’t it ironic, how misguided some folks are? Please consider all this.

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