Designing For Print Media Versus Web

It can be a completely different experience – designing for print media versus designing for the web. To better understand these differences the two can be compared under major topics such as: types of media, audience, layout, color and technology etc.
Print designers generally work on Magazine advertisements, Product design and packaging, Business cards and Logos whereas as a web designer, you may work on standard HTML websites, flash websites, email newsletters and banner advertising.
The basic difference is that when designing for print you get a finished product that you can hold in your hand while when designing for web you work on a computer and it can be viewed on computer display only.
In print generally the space is measured in inches and the designer has Technology Machines For School to deal with anything from a business card to a highway billboard.
On the web you are measuring your space in pixels. In addition you are left with a challenge and that Biotechnology Major challenge is to design your sites to look the best on all size monitors and at all resolutions.
It is necessary to keep up with the latest technology in both print and web design. It is important to learn graphic software such as Adobe, Illustrator etc. When we talk about print designers they can achieve the best results in their work by knowing the latest advances in printing process. In case of web designers the most effective designs can be made by knowing what your programmer is able to do or not.

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