Directory Submission – The Experience

Direct resubmission is an integral part of search engine optimization. Directories are how people find your site. Directories are akin to search engines in that they also perform Components Of Educational Technology search within the directory. Major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, are akin to directories, as they find, then direct you or the searcher, to the site.
Direct resubmission is up there with optimized websites, site maps, keywords and meta-tags, all of which are integral to your website or blog getting noticed amongst the millions of websites on the web.
A major SEO tactic is to submit the URL of your site to as many search engines and directories as possible. Without a doubt every site should be submitted immediately to the big search engine directories, if the owner of the site does not want to be buried in the worldwide woodpile of lost and hard to find websites.
Often when a new site is put up on the web, the webmaster is focusing on so many aspects of search engine optimization, that they can easily forget about the other hundreds of directories Ed Tech Tools 2019 that are out there. These directories very in size and in value, but “a link is a link”, and one that directs a ready buyer to your site is a good one, and of great value.
With directories your link sits quietly working for you in a few ways you may not be aware of. The first is obviously linking that ready buyer to you. The second is creating a back link that pleases the search engine spiders. Spiders eat back links, and the more back links you have, the more relevant your site is, and the better the ranking.
Submitting your URL to as many directory submission sites as you possibly can is a fabulous long-term S.E.O. strategy. Many directory submission sites are free, and some have small one-time only, or recurring fees. You will be surprised how many free ones do exist.
Use them all, spend a week or two steadily submitting your URL to all of them. In a few months you’ll start to see a steady traffic increase and a major page rank benefit.

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