Facts On Product Scrap Reclaims

In the manufacturing industry, plant managers are always looking for effective ways to cut operational costs. One of the most effective methods of not only reducing costs but also boosting overall efficiency, is to decrease the quantity of scrap and rework in the plant.
When there is an excess of rework, the result is more work that cannot be recovered and also lost time which results in increased costs. In addition, lost time due to error can result in Agribusiness Degree Salary excessive scrap rates. This, in turn, results in increased material costs will result in loss of revenue. Fortunately plant managers have an effective option – Product Scrap Reclaims.
In many industries, scrap products can be used as a separate product or reworked into the finished good. Most Quality Control programs allow for scrap to be re-introduced to the original mix or batch at a rate of 5-7% of total volume. For instance, in the food sector such as the baking industry, 3-5% of production is normally rejected as scrap. Therefore, using the process of scrap reclaim can be very beneficial in reducing costs, and even in generating revenue.
Examples of scrap rework:
1. Hot cream filled and sandwich type cookies into pieces or crumb.
2. A wide assortment of cookies such as chocolate chip, jelly and wafer type into pieces, crumb or powder.
3. Breakfast cereals into crumb or powder.
4. Chocolate/candy bars into pieces or crumb.
5. Baked goods such as breads, cakes, muffins into pieces or crumb.
6. Hard candy and cough drops into pieces, powder or syrup.
7. Jelly (gum drop) type candies into syrup or pieces.
8. Granola bars into pieces, crumb or powder.
9. Potato chips, nachos, taco shells Stem Activities For High School into pieces, crumb or powder.
There are various types of product scrap reclaims systems available. For instance, Film Scrap Reclaim Systems can cut down on costs by grinding scrap and directing it back into an extruder. The Film Reclaim Grinders are designed to handle an assortment of materials and can be equipped with feed roll assemblies for automatic feeding of scrap roll stock. Another type of product scrap reclaims system is the Fluff Feed Hopper. They feed a percentage of the fluff back into the extruder throat. In addition, Edge Trim Conveying Systems takes edge trim to the grinder. Another product scrap reclaim system is the Granulator. There are various types of granulators and grinders to meet any industries specific product scrap reclaim system needs.
Specific advantages of product scrap reclaims systems include: no additional heat transfer is added to the material, less risk of contamination, less handling of the material results in reduced labor cost, scrap inventory is reduced or eliminated, improved finished product quality, and a high return on investment.
To maintain a competitive edge, manufacturers must always look for ways to reduce costs and boost efficiency. One way industry can save money and time is to prevent scrap and rework. When you feed scrap directly back into the process, you are generating revenue with minimal investment. It is like putting money in your pocket. Scrap reclaim systems are a definite plus for a wide range of industries.

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