Fifty Years of Technology Gone?

Technology has come a long way in the past fifty years. And if I told you something about all the great technology that came about in the past fifty years I could go on forever!
But instead lets focus on some of the great technology we’ve enjoyed for approximately fifty Ict Technician Skills years, and has also disappeared much too soon due to replacement of even newer technology.
Let’s begin back around the late 1960’s and into the 1970’s with the development of the simple 8 track cassette which was the new technology for listening to music at the time. Now in order to listen to 8 Track Cassettes you just had to have an 8 Track Player to do so, and if you did you were all set to enjoy some music.
Personally I’m old enough today to have been around in that marvelous period of time to have seen the success and down fall of the great 8 Track Cassettes. I actually still have some of my old 8 Tracks from back then, but unfortunately I’m not able to listen to them since I do not have an 8 Track Player to do so. Now there was also a 4 Track Cassette at the time which was actually developed shortly before the 8 Track was but was short lived primarily because it only had two tracks meaning that when you wanted to listen to a different song you simply would push a button on the player to change the track on it. But with the 8 Track you actually had four tracks which gave you more of a selection of songs to choose from which was much more popular with people who bought them.
Now before long smaller Cassettes also for listening to music were on the market, they were more compact then the 8 Track Cassettes were. So now we had both 8 Track Cassettes and the compact smaller Cassettes to enjoy for our music entertainment, but it seemed before you could say “8 Track Cassettes” they we’re gone! And now leaving us with only the smaller Cassettes to listen to and to enjoy.
So the only other format to play music at that time was the standard Photograph Record Player which of course had been around for many years prior. But as time went on once again Cassettes now were no longer available as well. So now you would no longer have to worry about tapes breaking or coming out of the cartridges with both 8 Tracks and Cassettes, but now they were both gone. While we still had the Photograph Record to enjoy music until the next big technology came along, but what would it be?
And that next big technology that allowed us to listen to music that sounded better than ever was the Compact Disc (CD), and this format was no longer a tape but a disc. I personally can still remember at the time when the local record stores took all of the photograph records off their selves in the store and replaced them all with Compact Disc’s (CD), that was impressive for me because that was a major change from Records that I grew up with and had enjoyed playing for years but were no longer available, it had all changed now to CD’s.
Now you had to of course change your players from the standard Record Player to the CD Player in order to enjoy your music, but probably the biggest benefit to changing this technology from records to CD’s was they simply sounded much better by eliminating the “pops” that records typically would have. Now today we still have CD’s, but with all the other means that people have to enjoy music off the internet the CD’s are just not as popular as they had been in the past, and perhaps the day may not be far off before it will also become difficult to find them as well.
Now what about the technology that brought us the Video Cassette Recorder (VCR)? Well first with the Video Cassette Recorder basically there was two different types of tapes that were available to use on your VCR. First was the Beta Cassette, then their was the VHS Cassette. You can still purchase the VHS Cassette even though it may be difficult to do so. But as for the Beta you no longer can find them due to the simple fact that the Beta Cassette was simply much smaller than the VHS Cassette and as a result less storage space to record what you wanted.
The Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) was nice because you could record your favorite tv show and play them back and watch them anytime you choose to do so. At the time I personally recorded and purchased so many Cassette’s that it had grown into a large Video Cassette Library that I in fact still have in addition to my VCR. But guess what! Beta and VHS were both tapes as were the 8 Tracks and the small Cassettes, and that is now old technology, and you may recall what happened to them, YES… they were replaced with the new technology just as the Video Cassette Recorder was.
Now what new technology was next? What great technology replaced the Video Cassette Recorder? The answer is the DVD Player! and is still a current technology enjoyed today and again has no Information Technology Pdf tape, because it is simply a disc. Does this sound familiar? Of course, 8 Track Tape technology changing to CD’s, and now with Video Tapes on the VCR changing the technology to DVD’s.
So when it comes to enjoying music as well as enjoying watching movies all this technology may be only the beginning. And to fairly discuss all technology advances would require something short of writing a book. So since I’m focusing on just the technology in which I have discussed which was a large part of my life as I grew up, and knowing that so many young people were not around years ago to have experienced that technology as I did, but I sincerely hope that everyone will find it as exciting as I do, and will follow the continuous changes of technology as related to music and movie entertainment.
And now we can only wait for the next great technology change that gives us something we’ve never experienced before, in the mean time continue to follow the forever changes in technology.

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