Finding a GigE Provider is Currently Difficult

First off before we get started, some people may not even know what GigE is. To make it simple it is probably the fastest speed anyone is going to experience on the Internet. For a long time GigE has just been an enterprise for only those who worked with the most sophisticated of systems. Although it still is not used in many other places than those that deal with the highest tech equipment, it is beginning to emerge in other environments. Right now however; trying to find a GigE provider could be a little difficult.
The interest in the newest technologies is continuing to grow in the metropolitan areas of the world where large businesses rely upon excellent systems to help run their businesses, the idea of the speed of GigE is finally being researched and implemented in some companies. Cisco is one of the companies that has been working diligently to get it worked into their systems.
What really has peaked the interest of these large companies is the fact that the actual cost of operating is far less as well as the Computing In The News cost of the equipment. If you combine these factors with lower costs for upgrading the GigE has become a very intriguing concept.
Although there is an increasing interest in GigE this Ethernet technology has yet entered into the mainstream of daily computer life. There are Agriculture Technology Salary however; providers that do offer services to companies. Those would be Cogent Communications, AboveNet, FiberCity Networks Yipes and Telseon.
This type of service has now gone from just being a novelty to being considered as a solution for public networks. Those who have already been working with it have shown that they think extremely high of this new form of Ethernet service.
Although GigE has been successful in the metro and campus arenas the providers that deal mainly with the general public are hesitating, which is what they generally do when a newer technology is introduced. They will sit and wait until they see how well it works in other environments before they jump on to offer it to their customers.
So if you are looking for a GigE provider in the United States, you are not going to find one at this time. The main reason for the delay in introduction is not just the reluctance of the providers themselves, but it also is because there just is not enough fiber to introduce it yet. However; those in some parts of Europe and Asia are already introducing the speed of GigE to their residential populations.

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