Finding That MLM Fit – The Real Deal

Two Main MLM Myths
I’ve been a business consultant for most of my career, and I’ve seen my share of so called MLM business opportunities.
Sad to say that most are sold on “how much money you’re going make”, and “just put your money in and you don’t have to do a thing”. You know how the story ends.
If there was actual statistic, 99% plus of these programs out there have no viable, sustainable or usable product/service.
The MLM Appeal Factors
The four main human appeal factors Technology Development Article that most MLM programs target are:
1) Greed – the promise of big money in a short time,
2) The Saint – the product/service is the absolute best, it’s revolutionary, a cure to cancer, a must have and the whole world needs it and wanted yesterday, and you’re the one that will help enlighten the masses,
3) Laziness – this one is very closely related to The Saint factor; the product/service will be in such demand, it promises to be no work to Introduction To Educational Technology Pdf it, no special skills needed, anyone can succeed, they will line-up to get it from you, build a fortune with little or no time spend, and
4) Herding – everybody can bring at least two people into a program, even people with no friends, has family. You seen it, a herd of animals wondering around one following the other; and the one in the front, is not even the leader.
Why MLM Fails People
It’s no secret that people power, especially like-minded kind of people power can accomplish. It has been demonstrated over and over again, and not likely to end.
It is not people that fail MLM’s, rather, it is the MLM’s that fail people. I am talking about the Johnny-come-lately MLM’s, the other 98%; the main reason is the lack of a viable product/service.
It is not the MLM concept that failed, quit the opposite, the power of leverage & residual income that the various MLM models can deliver; for they are the most powerful distribution and aggressive payment system ever invented.
Like everything else, for the models to work, it’s got to be paired with a real product/ service.
It is the product/service in the MLM models that fail the people. That is why the majority of the MLM’s focus in on their pay plan, the money, rather than the product/service.
My personal experience with certain MLM’s is that their lotions or potions works only on the representatives that’s pushing it.
The Right MLM Fit The Real Deal
Viable, sustainable, groundbreaking products like aspirin, automobile, fax machine, cell phone, computer, Microsoft, are not only ground breakers, they caused paradigm shifts.
Unfortunately, these groundbreaking paradigm products/services did not use the MLM methods as their business model, and we weren’t invited to the meetings when it was formulated or launched.
The correct MLM Fit or the Real Deal is to have this type of product/service with the platform; this hasn’t happen for a long long time.
If you are reading this, you already have the money, determination and drive to succeed, all you need is The Fit, the Real Deal.
One possible fit that I’ve been watching is text advertising. It has got more stars lined-up than most; the right industry, right product/service, an awesome pay more
If you want to know if it’s a fit for you, check my resource box below for access.
My name is Jerry Wong, and I believe that this is an extraordinary opportunity and I can understand why The New York Times says Text Advertising “The Most Powerful Advertising Medium Ever Invented”!

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