Flexting Basics

You’ve heard of texting, you’ve heard of sexting, but do you really know about flirt texting, also known as flexting? Flirting while texting is not to be confused with drinking and dialing, which is not its precursor.
It is a method of flirting with a woman using the latest technology. If you aren’t New Gadgets For Men up to speed on this, get with it, or you will be left behind in the dating world.
However, there are a few things to remember if you are going to engage in texting:
Less is More
It doesn’t matter how cool you are, if you write someone a book or blather on and on, it doesn’t matter how interesting what you are saying is, they are going to be bored or turned off. Keep it short, concise. Something like “Heading to the Red Sox game! Woot!” or “Just thinking about how hot you looked in that pink sweater last night.” Keep it short and sweet.
Keep it clean
You may hint at attraction, but avoid any direct talk. Very subtle innuendos work, but anything more: Save that for in person. Otherwise, it might be misread or seem creepy. You can say you find her attractive or hot or whatever, but don’t get too explicit. Save that for when you are in a full fledged relationship with this woman.
More than friends
With that said (keeping it clean), also be sure it is flirting like you are a pua and not an “I’m your new BFF” conversation. Say something that makes it clear you are not looking for a Upcoming Gadgets In Future new buddy, but are interested in her as a dating partner. For instance, you can say that you can’t stop thinking about her. That will usually give her the hint in a subtle, cool way.
First text
Don’t buy into some unwritten rule that you have to wait a particular amount of time before you send that first text. That is so not true. I often text women right after I meet them and say, “Hey, it was great meeting you and I can’t wait to talk to you more.” It always works. It is honest and real and women appreciate that.
Be Funny
If you don’t have a sense of humor, now is the time to go find one. Making a girl laugh is such an icebreaker. Women want to date, even marry, men who make them laugh. Don’t try too hard, because that is a turn off, but do try to be witty and funny in writing. It really isn’t that hard. Keep in mind that tone is not obvious in texting, so go with something that can’t possibly be misinterpreted.
If you pay attention to all of these tips, you should find success in flexting. It is not a passing trend; it is the new way to flirt with women you have just met. It is a way to get to know her a little better and hopefully will lead to a date and more encounters where you can charm her and flirt in person.

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