Free Speech on the Internet

Citizens are provided with a renewed opportunity to be heard on a variety of issues by using the internet and internet technologies that are rapidly growing. The government, the role of corporations in economic security and the representation of labor interests by unions are some examples of issues that can be voiced by people with the help of the internet. The ability of exchanging ideas related to these and a wide array of other issues with those all over the globe is granted to individuals by the internet. It cannot be doubted that no citizen belonging to any previous society ever had such an advanced and convenient ability of allowing their voice to be heard.
The right to censor media on the internet is a major controversy that has been debated from time to time. Similarly it has been questioned from time to time whether the right to freedom of speech is being infringed by these practices. It cannot be doubted that the internet is a vast resource and using Future Technology Gadgets censorship is another but another way of restricting its capabilities. Whether it is important to regulate and restrict the internet has often been under debate. The fact is that understanding the limitations of freedom of speech is far more important rather than attacking Internet censorship.
Every citizen in the United States has the right to freedom of speech and even though this freedom is not absolute it does not prevent them from freely expressing their views, opinions or thoughts. We cannot deny that lately great controversy has been subjected to the technological masterpiece that we know as the Internet. It is now being believed by people that protecting the young generation of America will be possible by censoring and regulating the Internet. People making such requests do not realize that they are merely encouraging to violate their own right to free speech and expression, as well as that of others.
This situation can be compared to the fact that individuals in the US have the right to view or read any book or magazine they wish to and there is no one who could restrict them from doing so. Shenandoah University Art Department Therefore the viewing of material on the Internet also needs to be considered in the same way as well. Someone who does not like a certain book or magazine can simply not buy or read it.
As for the matter of the presence of obscene and lewd material on the internet, including pornography, censoring and restricting such material will not be the proper answer. Once again, parents who might be concerned about what their child might be viewing on the internet can simply make use of modern technology to filter out such content. Therefore rather than restricting or regulating the material on the internet, filtering it out is the true solution. Thus in regards to the internet, freedom of speech should only be brought into question when content or material poses a dangerous threat to any individual. Material on the internet that might be socially inappropriate or obscene can simply be filtered out.

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