Garmin Dezl 560 and Other GPS Technologies For Truckers

One of the latest GPS devices to be introduced specifically for truckers, is Garmin Dezl (pronounced diesel) 560 series. These Dezl devices are pre-loaded with vital information that can make life a bit easier for commercial truckers. Some of the pre-loaded programs include systems to track hours, fuel usage and log mileage. Garmin Dezl has also included truck-specific points of interest and the National Truck and Trailer Services (NTTS) Breakdown Directory, which gives basic information on at least 30,000 truck service and repair facilities both in the United States and Canada.
The information a driver inputs into the program logs regarding mileage and fuel usage, can later be downloaded to facilitate fleet management and tracking expenses. It can also be exported for completion and submission of quarterly IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) reports, which are required in many states.
Another very useful benefit is the range of services that can be searched, such as truck stops, restaurants, motels, rest areas, weigh stations. When searching truck stop locations, you will find that available services, such as WiFi and showers, are listed for each location.
The points of interest feature can be rated by users and the ratings Information Technology Ppt shared with others once the unit is connected online to a computer.
The Garmin Dezl 560 series was introduced in early 2011 and gives the user options for commercial trucking usage, a model designed for a Peterbilt (costing slightly more than the standard truck model), RV us and standard auto usage.
Next in the review of new GPS technologies to hit the road is the tablet sized Magellan GPS navigator with a 7 inch screen. Yes, that right – 7 inches! It’s called the Magellan Road Mate 9055 LM and comes with a lifetime of traffic and map updates and appears to better suited for commercial truckers and RV users. The Road Mate 9055 is programmed with a full range of features that include spoken street names (not just spoken directions), lane assist, multi destination routing and points of interest information provided through tour book.
Now, get ready for this one – the Magellan Road Mate has audio/video inputs that that the screen can also be used to watch movies or be paired with a back-up camera. This is just one more How Educational Technology Helps Teachers feature to help improve the quality of life on the road for commercial truckers, while giving them greater access to information, entertainment (when appropriate) and work related data.

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