Go Unplug Yourself

At first glance, this could seem a little inappropriate, but I promise, it’s not! I’ll admit that I’m coming off a mini-vacation that I, in a way, forced upon myself after running an insane amount in 2 days. But what that time away did was give me a chance to look at what I’ve been doing, how I’ve been feeling and what I’ve been able to give to others. It’s was pretty sad to look at. I tell others to play just as hard as they work, but I wasn’t living up to my own advice. But no more!
Things are-a-changin’!
This message is simple- take some time to unplug yourself however you can, whenever you can. Why is it so important to take some time for yourself, to take a step back from your everyday responsibilities and unplug yourself? There is something called stress and the human body Industry Trends Analysis does not like stress. If you stress the body long enough, the body will express its disapproval and make your life impossible to live. Meaning, you will break down, you will get sick and you will be unable to do anything you’re supposed to do or anything you want to do.
So in all honesty, it’s better for you to back off than for you to be told by your body to back off. The world will not fall apart if you are not able to be reached through phone, email, text message, instant messenger or even snail mail. (If it would, call me, I have Information Technology Ppt some ideas.) To me, quality of life has become the highest price that we pay to be responsible, contributing members of society. Tell me honestly, what did society give you for your birthday last year? You give blood, sweat and tears but what do you get in return?
So, I offer to you this option, unplug yourself and not just for your lunch break. Attempt some time away from technology and with the people who you care about the most. They are the ones who look to you for love, comfort and strength. If you are all used up and constantly distracted, then what kind of quality of life are you giving yourself or them?
Your Challenge, if you choose to Accept it!
*Start small, create boundaries around how and when you’ll be reachable to those that you choose- we’re not just talking about work responsibilities here.
*Give yourself at least 1 weekend a month to really focus on your family, friends and loved ones without the need to check the blinking light on your phone or to see if anyone has emailed you.A� Lose the electronic leash!
*When you go on vacation, truly go ON vacation.A� If you need me to interpret that, just give me a holler or call up some friends, I’m sure they have some ideas for you!

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