Great Web Technologies to Increase Your Profits – Video, Audio, Web Automation and Webinars

The web is an awesome opportunity to increase your company’s profitability. There are some great web technologies to help you easily and effectively get your website noticed and generate more income for your business.
Add Audio and Video to Your Online Marketing
— What Audio Can Add to Your Web Offering: Here are some ideas on using Audio to maximize your Marketing Efforts Online:
– Customer Testimonials: very powerful!
– Website Navigation Tips
– “A Message From the President”: personalize your website
– Risk Free Programs and Privacy Policy
– Special Messages: Specials, Discounts, After Hours Support
– Publicize upcoming Events, Courses, Articles, News, Sales, etc.
– Downloadable Audio Seminars for MP3 Players and IPods
– Personalize your emails
— Video: Demonstrate your products and services; engaged testimonials from partners and customers; jazz up Power Point Presentations; Interviews; Mini-Courses; Mini-Seminars; etc.
– Make it a part of your Viral Marketing Program
– Keep them short and to the point
– Be passionate
– Always include your Blog and Website URL
– Address your customers’ Problems
– Package Videos with other information packed products, articles, guides, newsletters, etc.
– Capture attention in the first 20 seconds (like a Sales Page Headline)
– Use Video to demonstrate so customers can Visualize
– Post your Videos in a Video Section of your Website whose link is conspicuous in your Website’s Main Menu
Web Automation
As you drive more and more targeted traffic to your Website, it is important to have Automation Programs and Services installed to manage the sales flow.
— Merchant Accounts: To process your customer payments
— The One Stop Shopping Cart: I suggest Easy Web Automation or similar product as it has a complete solution, which is absolutely essential for a good Shopping Cart system. I like this Cart Program because:
– Good Security
– Allows you to up-sell
– Tracks your Promotions, Ads and Test Offers.
– Easy to include Special Offers and Discounts
– Easy set up and self-manages
– Very Flexible: handles packages, downloadable products and services in one transaction. Adds security to your downloadable products to minimize pirating.
– Great Post Sale Support, which is critical!
– Calculates Taxes & Shipping Costs
– Easy to use Administration Interface
– Affiliate Program Management: this is vital and key for your Shopping Cart Program!
– Auto Responders Integrated System: another essential for a shopping cart so you can sequentially follow up and respond to the “Browsers, Opt-ins and Buyers”. An automated, sequential Email Delivery system, integrated into your shopping cart, is your most powerful web marketing tool.
Web Conferences and Seminars
— These are ideal Web Marketing Platforms to:
– Increase Web Income: Turn an E-Book into a Web Seminar or Combine Mini-Courses into a Web Certified Class.
– Allows you to get face to face with customers Educational Tool Definition and partners on a remote, global basis.
– Offer Free Courses and Conferences
– Demonstrate the Power and Benefits Create Gadget of your Products and Services
– Solve Customer Problems
– Great for Team, Partner and Customer Collaboration: For resources and information in this crucial area, see the ABC Biz Success Blog, Collaboration Technology – Productivity Software and Platforms
– Use Web Conferences To Build Your Marketing Opt In Email Database
– Great Platform to enhance Interactivity with Customers and Affiliate Partners, such as, Questions and Answer Sessions, Troubleshooting, Product / Service Support, etc.
– Very Efficient and Cost Effective Platform
– Always Record Your Classes, Seminars, Meetings (if allowed), Interviews, etc to have available in your Website Video Section. Get In the habit!

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