Green Solutions

Human activity has brought about grave negative effects on our global environment. And the worst impact by far is climate change which has lead to erratic weather patterns that threaten the survival of countless animal and plant species. Rising sea levels is another major problem caused by global warming Red Biotechnology Pdf melting the polar ice caps which has resulted in thousands of islands being submerged under the ocean. Mankind is destroying our precious planet and many individuals, organizations and governments, headed by the United Nations have called for the use and further development of available green solutions.
Green solutions encompass all procedures, methods, and practices employed by individuals and institutions to decrease or if possible completely eliminate from their activities problems that can cause adverse effects to the global environment, including the planets ecosystems and natural resources. Green solutions were developed after man made the realization that the planet is in danger because of man’s own doing. The rapid heating up of the earth due to the greenhouse effect, have caused global alarm. And today, the business community, from which most carbon emissions came from, seeks to redeem itself and correct the damage.
There are as many green solutions as there are environmentally hazardous activities because much research and development have been conducted to answer all problems the routine activities of man has caused the planet. But today, the focus is on the root of the problem, the brown energy technologies. Brown energy refers to energy that is generated from sources or in processes that are harmful to the environment. Examples of brown energy are coal and oil energy which release huge amounts of carbonious gases into the atmosphere whenever combusted.
First generation solutions focused on mitigating the harmful effects of brown energy generation methods. But after some time, man has realized that lessening the by-products of these technologies is simply not enough. Thus, green solutions of the past have evolved into those of today, solutions which seek to provide alternative sources of energy so we no longer need to rely on brown technologies.
These now processes of generating energy are called green energy solutions. These solutions use methods that belong to the sustainability industry to produce energy, usually in the form of electrical power. Popular examples of these green solutions are solar power, wind power, biomass power, and wave power generation. Many countries have already started their transition to green energy from brown energy. And the huge support for such technologies has fueled further research and development.
Of all green solutions, the ones with receive most attention today are those that belong to the Waste-to-Energy (WtE) group. The said category of green energy generation, as its name suggests, focuses on converting wastes into energy. WtE technologies have come a long way since the discovery Torch Light Banana of the incineration process. Today, more efficient and more environment friendly processes are being developed such as the gasification technology. Gasifiers break down solid wastes into their most basic components and then turn them into steam which can be used to generate electricity.

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