Has Everyone Gone Cuckoo, I Mean Green?

Perhaps you’ve been reading the headlines from the global warming alarmists, the environmentalists, or those who are promoting their own endeavors in green technologies. Each one of these groups has a very specific agenda. Unfortunately, they’ve all gotten together and are pushing society towards the biggest bubble ever built. Not long ago, I saw this occurring in my own city, and mind you I live in a town that is fairly affluent, and smarter than all this nonsense. It’s also a city that did have a bit of trouble with the real estate collapse, as did most cities in California.
Recently, I read a headline in our local paper, The Desert Sun, titled; “Summit Examines Green Tech; Officials, Experts Discussed Jobs and Economic Benefits” by K. Kaufmann [January 21, 2011] which stated; “the Coachella Valley economic and energy representatives hit the Seventh Annual Clean Tech Investor Summit in Indian Wells on Wednesday intent on making connections and looking at ways to translate national trends in the market into green business and jobs for the region”.
Is it me, or is everyone just blind? There have been an extremely large number of green pet projects and technologies which have been funded with millions, if not billions of dollars go into bankruptcy. Venture Capital firms have lost their rear ends. Global Advancement In Technology Articles warming trends of increased atmospheric temperatures are instead declining, and they are doing all they can to fudge the numbers to keep the game going. The federal government is ending funding, tax incentives, and other programs which they cannot afford.
Worse, most of this Green Tech is only possible, or ROI viable if energy costs skyrocket or triple in the next 5 to 10 years, and they just might considering the over regulation being forced onto fossil fuels, along with increased taxes. But if we increase the cost of energy and transportation, and electricity for businesses and light manufacturing, there will not be any jobs in the United States, and no one is going to be able to afford to pay for it anyway. Further they’re going to put the middle class into a terrible world of hurt and reduce the spendable income which will hurt every other industry; including retail, tourism, and services.
And yet the do-gooders of our time think that we are going to create new jobs in clean energy. Yes, we might create a few jobs, at the expense of the rest of our economy. And even if we blow that bubble up really, really big, Artificial Intelligence Future it will eventually burst, and then where will we be? Why is it that no one can see this mistake, and I suppose when the bubble does bursts, everyone will say; “oh my gosh, how could this have happened, no one saw it coming.”
Well, I see it coming plain as day, just like the global economic crisis and real estate crash. It was completely obvious, and anyone who would live through 1993 in California, would’ve seen the exact same signs repeating again. If people don’t see this coming, they aren’t thinking, they are not listening, and they’re buying this whole notion hook, line, and sinker, as the media marches to the beat of a drummer who has no experience at all in virtually anything, except in community protest organizing. And no, I am not naming names, but I think you get my drift. Please consider all this.

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