High Tech Funerals

Advances in technology have changed the way we do a lot of things. It has changed the way we learn and go to class, even the way we say hi to a friend. Gadget Features One thing that is has also change is a funeral. More and more funeral homes are using different technology to share memories of a loved one.
One thing that people may not find to be high tech, at least not today, is a slide show. People are now using slide shows during funerals or wakes to honor the deceased. This may sound like a very low tech operation, but in truth, it has made a big different in funeral homes throughout the years. I remember when my grandpa and great grandpa passed away; there were picture frames everywhere of them with friends and family. Families can now have a slide show of their loved one along with music while the funeral is going on.
Another thing funeral homes are doing to be more high tech is streaming video. Many funeral homes are offering this service so that people who could not attend can still be there in spirit. Most companies that offer this make it so it is only available during the actual time of the funeral. Others however, not only stream it live, but they also record it and then offer it for on demand downloads. So, why would you do this? This makes it easier for families who are scattered throughout the country, or How Many Jobs Are Available In Technology the world, to still be able to attend the funeral even if they can’t make a flight out. Streaming video also makes it easier to attend the funeral of someone who had a sudden death and it’s either hop on the next plane, or miss the funeral. Prices for live streaming differ from one funeral home to another but the normal range is between $100 and $400. The price may also depend on what state you are in. Some companies are even streaming them as a Podcasts so you can down load it on your phone or iPod.
The most recent technical advancement for funerals has to do with smart phones. Since smart phones have become more widely available and with a huge variety of apps, one is a bar code scanner which scans bar codes and reads it as a code which then opens a webpage or a picture. This has been a great marketing technique because in today’s hustle and bustle, people may not take the time to watch a commercial or read an ad in their paper or magazine, so having their ad related to one particulate coded bar code; they can market for those who are on the go. What does this have to do with funerals again? Some companies are creating these QR Barcodes and putting them on headstones. The barcode sticker is completely weather proof and has been tested to last outside. Why would they do this? So that people who walk by your loved ones headstone in the cemetery can scan the barcode which will take them to a personal webpage for that grave. These web pages can have your loved one’s pictures, biography, genealogy, and even a little video so that the person who scans the code can learn about the deceased.
Technology has always had an impact in our lives and now has a great impact even in our deaths. There has been talk about people who put webcams into their coffins that streams to a monitor either on their headstone or a website so you can watch them decay. Yeah, that one is a little creepy. Turns out though that it is just a scam and there really isn’t anything like that out there, at least not that we know of. If you want you or a loved one’s funeral to be a little more high tech, talk to the funeral home to see what all they offer for that and at what price.

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