Homesick – 10 Ways to Combat Homesickness

Consider for just one minute the enormity of leaving the country of your birth, or even going to university for the first time. Yes, okay, I know millions have done it. However, that does not change the roller-coaster of emotions it can evoke in an individual.
As for myself, I arrived in my new country just 4 years ago. I had never set foot in the place before. I arrived here all alone and I stayed with people I didn’t know. It was overwhelming and strange. The climate was different – freezing to be exact. The people and the culture were different – very different.
Nothing was as I knew it. I had no idea where I was going half the time, and even some of the road rules were different. So there I was, I had to find employment, find my way around, and I had no idea when I would be able to see friends and family again. Sound exciting? Well, to tell you the absolute truth – it was. It was also very stressful, scary and super lonely at times. I can just imagine how bad it must be for people who are not familiar with the language! At least I didn’t have that barrier.
There were days that it was very dark in my world…….I lost weight, became sick, and actually was convinced I had become depressed. The truth of the matter was, I was homesick! All I wanted to do was phone my folks and my friends back home, but it was so expensive to phone all the time.
Then recently someone I met through work introduced me to video phone technology. I needed no persuasion. Role Of Teacher In Educational Technology This was the answer to all my woes. That was it, I bought two video phones and sent one back home.
For the price of a normal cordless phone, I was in business. Now, I phone my Mum every day, and it doesn’t cost me a penny. Not only do we speak all the time, but I can see her smile and laugh while she fills me in on all the family antics – not to mention the gossip about those very distant relatives we prefer to pretend we are not related to.
This machine has literally obliterated the miles between us, and I no longer feel so trapped. I would recommend it to absolutely anyone who has immigrated or thinking about it. Even if you are a contract worker Technology Development Pdf away from home for months on end. It is a fantastic antidote to the homesickness most of us feel when separated from loved ones and familiar surroundings. As for me…..I think it spared my sanity!
Here are some other ideas that really helped me, and although they may appear to be common sense, when one is feeling really low, very little makes sense.
– Investigate buying a Video Phone – it has truly been my saving grace
– Set a date for a planned trip home. It gives you FOCUS, and something to look forward to.
– If you are a student, find a part time job. It gives you responsibility and less time to focus on the longing. It will also build self confidence often lost through homesickness.
– Volunteer. When we FOCUS our attentions on the needs of others, our own problems soon seem to evaporate or become far less important. There is always someone worse off than us. When it becomes particularly unbearable FOCUS just on getting through today.
– Homesickness is actually a grieving process – acknowledge that, and give yourself some time, BUT then, take ACTION. Avoid self-pity at all costs.
– Make it your business to meet new people and to become a part of your new community. Join a church or some other group. But don’t just join – really get involved.
– Set yourself a routine, and stick to it.
– We all get to choose our attitude, so make sure you pick yourself a really good one. It’s your choice, and it can really change the way you see the world around you.
– Stay in touch with the people back home. Write detailed emails, send photo’s, phone (preferably on your video phone) when you can. You’ll see – they miss you too, and will do the same in return, and that in itself can be a great comfort and encourage you to keep moving forward.

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