How Can Sonograms Make Pictures?

When you think of the first picture of your baby, it has a whole different response now than fifty years ago. In the past, the first picture of a baby was usually in the hospital, shortly after birth. Now, on the other hand, a baby ‘s first “picture” occurs several months earlier. Through ultrasound technology, obstetricians can make images during the early stage of a pregnancy, in order to monitor and detect any potential problems that might occur during the pregnancy.
A sonogram uses ultrasound, which are very high-frequency sound waves, impossible to detect by the human ear. Images are formed by recording echoes of the sound waves from How Fast Is Technology Advancing Statistics an organ or fetus inside a person ‘s body. A similar technique is used by submarines: they use sonar detection to safely navigate around obstructions deep underwater.
Every second, millions of pulses of sound enter the body. When the sound waves trike a boundary between two different tissues, an echo returns to the detector. Based on this echo, a computer calculates the distance the sound has traveled, and then uses that information to make an image.
Sonograms are commonly used in obstetrics, due to the fact that they do not use any ionization radiation, which could be harmful to the fetus. The provided information is detailed enough as to determine the sex of the baby, as well as some facial features early in the pregnancy. Moreover, because ultrasound images are available in real time, they are also used for guiding other more invasive procedures.
Recently, medicine ultrasound has started to use the Doppler effect, a change in frequency due to the motion of the reflecting object relative Small Companies That Have Potential To Grow to the source of the sound. Doppler ultrasound can also be used too measure the flow of blood through the heart and inside the arteries.
Ultrasound technology stands as evidence of the rapid progress in medicine, providing far more means to monitor and maintain a healthy pregnancy. And another great part, you no longer have to wait for nine months to know the sex of the baby and take the first picture. With the help of a sonogram, now you can know what to expect since early in the pregnancy, and you can prevent or avoid potential problems.

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