How Many More Loved Ones Must Be Lost?

Of course no price can be put on the life of a child or one of our family members. All search and rescue recovery efforts are to be commended. Yet, at the same time we must examine preventative measures and become proactive in ensuring our loved ones safety. We must ask ourselves how can we avoid these tragic incidents in the first place? What Is A High Tech Company In the case of searching for Nadia Bloom, Winter Springs police said the search had totaled $10,000. Winter Springs Police Chief Kevin Brunelle is quoted as saying,” it was money well spent.” Of course no one would refute this. There is no other avenue but to expend every available resource once a child is lost, without question.
Still, when we see a repetitive theme, that of costly rescue operations for children and those in the special needs communities, when is it time to say can we stop this from happening? There are no official statistics complied on the number of children who have been reported missing as a result of wandering in the past. However, Brief History Of Modern Technology the National Autism Society reports that 92% of those with autism are at risk for wandering. The autism population is growing as 1 in 91 of every child born has autism. The Alzheimer’s Association states that 60% of the 5.3 million Americans with Alzheimer’s wander; there are 342 to 382 Alzheimer’s patients who wander each day.
If we repeatedly walk down a sidewalk and step into the same hole time and time again, when do we learn to avoid the hole? When do we learn from our mistakes? Should we now embrace the technology that can potentially end these kind of exorbitant search and rescue missions? In some cases, this technology has the potential to pinpoint a persons location within 10 – 30 feet. The same technology can alert the caregiver when their child or loved one has inadvertently wandered away. The cost to find one missing child was $10,000. The cost of one search and rescue operation could have provided the community with approximately 500 personal child location based GPS devices. It seems that this is a good sized patch for the proverbial hole.

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