How To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing

When you decided to start an online business, it was with noble intentions and the determination to succeed. You expected there to be learning involved, but you figured that you could make it work.
Holy moley, you had no idea it was gonna be this darned hard to figure it all out! There’s just so much to learn and do.
The truth is building an online business can be overwhelming. There are thousands of online courses out there. Which ones do you choose? What training do you need to know? How much technology do you need to try to learn?
It’s information overload out there. It’s just too much. You’ve spent tons of money trying to learn this stuff and the deeper you get into it the more you need to buy and learn.
It’s never ending.
The problem I see with my clients is it just gets way too complicated. There is so much to learn, do and set up that it seems the more you build your online business the more you need to build, set up and do. It’s exhausting and frankly sometimes it’s no fun.
That’s where keeping the main thing the main thing comes into play. It’s easy to get off track and sucked into learning all the technology of building your business, that you never get around to actually doing business, getting clients, making money and enjoying the time freedom you’re working so hard for.
It’s time you simplify how you set up and build your business. It’s time that you start keeping the main thing the main thing.
You don’t need to get stuck on learning all the technology. You need to set it up, get it done as quickly and easily as possible and move on. It doesn’t have to be perfect. When you’re getting started, good enough is good enough.
Most people who quit before they see success never actually get around to doing business. They are too busy learning the Example Of Innovation In Technology back end mechanics – the technology. Spending way to much time and money focusing on all the details of the back end.
It’s kind of like setting up and organizing the back room of a brick and mortar business. If you stay back there all day every day, your doors won’t be open for very long.
The main thing when you start your business is to set it up as simply and quickly as possible so you can move on to actually doing business. You can tweak it later. It just has to be good enough. If you are in the backroom all the time, trying to make it perfect, you’ll never actually have a business.
I learned this the hard way. I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I stayed it the back room for about 2-1/2 years before I realized I didn’t have to know it all, before I put myself out there, before I understood that it didn’t have to be perfect. That good enough was good enough.
Are you making it way too hard? Are you learning and learning and learning and not getting around to earning? Are you worried that it’s just not quite right and it needs more work?
Keeping the main the thing the main thing means not letting yourself get sucked into the black hole of technology. You don’t need to know it all. In most cases you’ll never actually use most of those courses you bought.
You need to know the basics – learn simple WordPress, create a giveaway, how to set up an opt in page and your autoresponders. Don’t worry about the rest until it comes up and you NEED to.
As you start making money, you’ll realize the importance of your time, your gonna get someone else do it for you anyway.
Decide today that you are going to simplify things, to use the K.I.S.S. method (keep it super simple)
Flip the way you are doing things around. Market and promote 75% of the time. Build your list, promote your offers, write guest blog posts or trade Role Of Technology In Research posts with colleagues in the same or similar niche, write emails, connect with your community, do things that drive traffic back to your site.
Keep it simple. Do things as simply as possible. Take as many shortcuts and quick fixes as you can for now. Concern yourself with doing business.
If you focus on keeping the main thing the main thing instead of thinking you need to have a handle on all the technology, your business will have a chance to grow.

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