How You Make Learning Stick

Our Challenge:
At the end of two weeks, sales event participants, with no ongoing information reinforcement, will recall 28% of the information presented.
How we approach our challenge:
Supplement that event with individual reinforcement, over time, with sleep in between and the recall jumps to 95%! The individual retention rate skyrockets, behavior change takes place and individual performance is advanced..
Our First Collective Goal:
To ensure that every person reaches true mastery in the shortest amount of time. Mastery produces people who have the adaptive reasoning skills required to effectively apply knowledge to new situations . This ensures that we remember things and apply them correctly.
Our Second Collective Goal:
(I) Improved Learning Outcomes and Increased Competence; a. Retention to fluency (95% vs. 28%), b. Behavior change through accountable reinforcement, c. Improved application, d. Advanced individual performance and e. Advanced organization performance
With essential content, where there is a desired/required strategic outcome, there are two necessary steps to achieve information mastery:
Step 1: Deep Understanding
This is usually accomplished through a lecture, a power point presentation, a word document, an instructional video or an audio presentation. This is the first step to achieve mastery.
Step 2: Recall and use over multiples days
This is much more difficult:
We all understand that to reach our second collective goal, above, we need individual reinforcement over time.
This traditionally, is not part of the event, or is shifted to the participant, or the participant’s manager, with mixed success.
Enter Learning Performance Improvement Technology:
STUDY SESSIONS (Patented Process: Stimulates Memory reactivation & locks information into long-term memory)
(a) Level 1 Questions: Reinforce the facts
(b) Level 2 Questions: Simulation, Scenario and Application based, that use the knowledge
Information transfer is difficult even under the best of circumstances. Enter Use Of Technology In Education Ppt the independent sales rep and the task becomes even more challenging.
By using this unique, proven, individual reinforcement methodology, over time, individual mastery is ensured. This allows individual behavior change, appropriate information application and individual performance improvement, which directly results in organization performance improvement.
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