If You Can Survive 20 Years, Maybe You Can Survive 400 Years

I am 51 years old now, and since I was 11 years old I have said that dying seems such a stupid way to live. As I grew up I saw around me that people were blinded by the notion that dying of old age was somehow normal and that there was no real effort put into solving the issue of age-related death. I then did start to feel a little more secure when I noticed the genetic sciences growing Use Of Technology In The Classroom To Enhance Teaching And Learning in popularity and that the advances were moving along in quantum leaps and bounds. But then every so often, something really crazy happens like President banning research on stem cells as if he knows what God wants for the human race. Certainly America is losing the race in genetic sciences and is decades behind other countries like China and Australia where much progress has been made.
Extending life is possible and certain with simple things like clean air living, organically grow food consumption, regular exercise and all the common sense issues we hardly need to be told about. But if you are like most of the rest of us, we have not lived a Utopian life and so we have done damage to our bodies and health. Low testosterone being a major killer in our society now has been caused by the food processing methods used by profit-hungry corporate America. Boosting our testosterone Interesting Tech Topics is an imperative if we want reverse our obesity, and to recover from diabetes and heart related problems. Boosted testosterone, solid organically grown foods and regular exercise can get us out of our death-spiral and back into a realm of good health. If we are able to stay alive for another 15-20 years, then we will have the genetic solutions available to extend our lives by another 30 years, and that extra 30 years will get us safely onto the next round of life extending technologies.

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