Is There Going to be a Run on Personal Alternative Energy Generation Technologies Soon?

As the coordinator for a think tank which operates online, one of our jobs is to spot trends which coincide with human politics (we call it primate politics around here). By doing this we can estimate a potential eventuality in any given future in our great nation. Not long ago, our think tank was talking about personal alternative energy generation that someone might use at their personal residence, or personal business, or perhaps even in small communities, or family farms.
An interesting fact that was brought to the table in this discussion was; Cap and Trade, Which we believe will raise the cost of energy faster than Health Care has risen in the last decade or after ObamaCare Technology Ideas For The Classroom was passed (15%). As you know Health Care costs have outpaced inflation by 10% year over year for quite some time. Yes, we had predicted this all along – you may wish to read some previous articles.
We also know that Enron, when they started trading energy, it caused the California energy markets to almost go hyperbolic, raising the cost of energy. About 10 years prior to that California instituted all sorts of pollution controls through the AQMD, and energy costs for small, medium, and large businesses tripled. There were rolling blackouts just like there were during the Enron days some 10 years later. Many businesses were forced to leave the state, especially if they were involved in small manufacturing.
As California became more of the liberal socialist type state, and as labor unions increased their strength, along with the high energy costs, California lost its economic might. It wasn’t till the gold rush days of Silicon Valley that it began to foster again. Shortly after Silicon Valley collapsed, Enron came into play and created yet another energy bubble situation.
Now, the United States government wants to follow the global warming alarmists and the European Union into an idea of Cap and Trade. Cap and Trade has not worked in Europe, and as soon as it was started there was an incredible amount of fraud, manipulation, and all it did was raise energy costs. In some regards they didn’t mind because they were trying to create an alternative energy sector, and thus create more jobs, and it worked for a few nations such as Germany, but overall it hurt industry and it is a job killer.
Today, the free world has given most of its industrial capacity to China, and many of the billionaires around the world have invested there. Now China is polluting things up at an unbelievable rate. Whereas, China claims it is the leader Explain Five Handheld Technology Tools in alternative energy, the reality is it is building more coal fired plants faster than any other nation on earth, and their energy usage is increasing faster than any other nation on earth – yes, it has even surpassed the United States.
Okay so, back to the topic. What is going to happen when we get Cap and Trade is that the “cap and traders” will become billionaires almost overnight, and they will run up the cost of energy, just like when they speculate with commodities such as oil, and all the consumers will have to pay more. When the price gets to be triple or even quadruple what it is today, there will be a run on personal alternative energy generation equipment for homes and residences – businesses and governments, corporations and nonprofits.
Thus, does it make sense for you to buy solar panels now? Yes and no, because if you buy them now you won’t get the return on investment as you might if you bought them in five years when the technology advances in the equipment are much more efficient, and the economies of scale make it less costly. However, at the same time if there is a run on alternative energy generation equipment, then supply and demand will keep that equipment at a higher price, just as the price of energy will be permanently elevated, and could cause huge problems of artificial inflation. Artificial because bad government policy caused, and it had nothing whatsoever to do with free-markets – only manipulated laws, rules, regulations, and speculation using those new schemes.
It is my contention that we can all expect a little of both in the future. Higher prices on equipment and energy, and really “little” is not the right word, as it will be quite a lot. So, as the coordinator for a think tank, is my job to point this out to you, and it is your job to act on this information as you best see fit. Please consider all this.

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