It is About Time We Use Business Statistics

Business statistics for the average businessman or the small company does not seem to have much bearing. Business statistics can basically be divided into general areas being financial and market. With business statistics your business can grow and avoid dangers while you operate in the market and thus ensure your survivability in the long run. Most businesses fail because of their failure to understand business statistics and how to apply this knowledge to their operations and strategies.
But first of all where can one get these business statistics? Most of what we need in terms of business information stares us right in the face every day on the newspapers and on television programs like the news and other related shows. Everyday Artificial Intelligence Companies business information is available to us to make short term to medium term decisions. We can also get long term data from government agencies that provide this sort of data. Data for business use is divided into financial and market data.
Financial data most of the time deals with financial information usually brought about by the banking sector, savings and loans associations and the Federal Reserve, if you are in the United States. If you are in another country, usually this type of data is reported by the Central Banks. Financial data deals with interest rates, whether it be savings or loans, inflation rates, overnight banking rates or time deposit rates.
It also covers data on financial instruments such as savings bonds, coupon bonds and government bonds. This data is extremely helpful for you and your business. With this you know where the cheapest place to borrow money from for your needs is and also where is the best option to store your money with the biggest returns.
Financial data also covers long term data such as inflation rates. This is a very important statistic for it shows you how your money, whether it be in dollars or otherwise, becomes weaker as the years and months progress. For example if the inflation rate in your country is ten percent, it means that what used to cost one dollar will now cost one dollar and ten cents.
It means that the spending power or purchasing power of your currency has weakened by ten percent. You need to spend ten percent more to buy what Future Technology News you need. Imagine countries that have inflation rates of thousands of percent, you can imagine the kind of chaos they deal with day to day!
Market data on the other hand deals with such things as the Dow Jones Index and the NASDAQ. The Dow Jones index is a measure of the top 500 companies in America and how they are doing. Thus it is a measure of confidence for these top performing companies. It is basically a benchmark of how the economy is doing based on how the market is doing. Thus if the index is high it means that the market is doing well, and if it falls it means it is not.
The NASDAQ on the other hand measures around thirty to two hundred companies that are involved in the technology sector. Thus like the Dow Jones it serves the same purpose. The NASDAQ shows the relative performance of key players in the technology and science field or sector.

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