IT Schools – Top 5 IT Schools in the Nation

Information technology is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. The industry is expected to grow well within the next decade. It is constantly changing and is deeply embedded in our everyday lives.
If you are thinking about entering into a career in the IT sector, attaining a top education is necessary to break into the field. To help you in your research of online information technology (IT) schools, I will discuss the top five IT schools in the nation.
1. Pennsylvania State New Innovative Products In The Market 2019 University
Penn State University offers an Associate of Science in Information Sciences and Technology, a Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences and Technology, and a Master of Professional Studies in Information Sciences. All courses are offered in a fully online format with small class sizes to promote discussion.
2. Northeastern University
Northeastern University offers a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology that is designed to prepare students to pursue a variety of careers in this fast growing field. They High Tech Company Names also offer online master’s degree programs, including a Master of Science in Information Assurance and a Master of Professional Studies in Geographic Information Technology.
3. Walden University
Walden University offers a large variety of associate degrees, bachelor degrees, master degrees, and doctoral degrees in different IT areas such as health care informatics, information systems management, and data security. Walden University offers both on campus and online programs, so they are a good choice for someone who requires flexible scheduling.
4. Drexel University
Drexel University offers fully online bachelor’s degrees in Computing and Security Technology, Information Technology, and Information Systems. They also offer a Master of Science in Information Systems with a Master of Science in Health Informatics coming soon.
5. University of Massachusetts
The University of Massachusetts offers an Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. They also offer online programs awarding a number of IT related undergraduate and graduate certificates for students who just need to spice up their resume or gain knowledge in a specialized IT field.
The information technology field is constantly evolving which means that the demand for highly skilled professionals with up to date knowledge in the field is on the rise. Whether you choose to specialize in systems engineering, networking, or database administration, the number of careers open to highly trained information technology professionals is on the rise. With the right education, a career in this exciting field is well within your reach.

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