Joomla CMS – Learn Web Technologies and Make First Steps With Simple Template Customizations

Joomla is a popular content management system. There are many reasons for its popularity: flexibility, universality, plethora of extensions and huge community. The biggest advantage of such open source content management systems is that they provide everything to create a website from scratch. This means that even somebody who has no experience with web technologies can create a homepage Agriculture Operations Specialist or blog. All the processes from installing and selecting a template to optimization tricks are very simple and the result of any change is immediate. In the beginning anybody working with Joomla is a little confused because of many settings and complex menu structure. But after some time the situation is clearer and users start getting ideas for modifications and improvements.
Any modification of Joomla which is not supported in the settings of template or extensions means modifying the code. If you don’t know anything about HTML, PHP, JavaScript or CSS this might be a problem. But for every problem there is a solution. If you are ready to learn something new then simple Joomla modifications are a great start into web technologies. The basic principle is to examine existing code trying to understand how it works. The next step is making small modifications to the code and observing its effects on the Joomla website. Since the web is a great resource for anything you can simply Google for any language construct or code example that needs some explanation. This way you will be able to make first steps into web development.
The easiest way to make small modifications with visible effect is to modify the and CSS files of the selected template. Those files are located in the templates directory which has a separate sub-directory named after each installed template. Take some time and try to figure out what the files do and what changes are needed to change colors or module positions. When you will understand the principle it will be easy to make modifications to create a completely new template according to your needs. It is very simple to modify existing code when you already have all the elements that are needed for a working template or extension.
After a while when you will learn basics of HTML and PHP you can proceed to components, modules and plugins. You don’t have to make changes, simply examine the code and try to Electronic Repair Technician Job Description understand what it does. This is called reverse engineering and is the easiest way to learn about something. You can go into details and become an expert in Joomla coding!

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