Keeping it Green With Solar and Wind

What do you think keeping it green with solar and wind means? It can mean different things for different people but, in my eyes, it means saving the earth’s environment and along the way save money as well. Now the question arises, “How can going green with solar and wind energy save you money?”
The answer is simple, by installing solar panels or windmills to produce your home electrical needs, you will not need to buy as much, if any at all, electricity from the power companies. Here is a nice little bonus as well, if you produce more power than you can use, the extra can be sold back to the power companies. Would it not be nice to get a check, every month, from the power company instead of having to send them one?
Now, you may be thinking that using solar or wind energy for power will be expensive to implement, and if you are, you are wrong. Great strides in solar and wind power technologies have been made in the past decade that have brought the cost of implementation way down. The costs have come down so much that even the average income household can afford it today.
You can get a solar system installed on your home for around $10,000 – $20,000 and for those living in the US, you can recoup a lot of that cost through tax credits. You could also build and install your own system from as little as a few hundred dollars. If you pay someone to have your system built and installed, it may take from five to ten years to get your initial investment back. However, if you build and install it yourself you can get it back in a year or less.
Windmills will typically produce five times more power than solar panels, and the good news, you no longer need to live on an acre or more to use a windmill for power. With the advancements made in the past decade, windmills have been scaled back to sizes that allow Technology Industry Wikipedia for roof mounts. So, for anywhere from $600 to more than $10,000 you can have a windmill installed. Here again, you can build and install your own for around $200 with parts from the local hardware store. (My neighbor built one for just a little more than $250.)
There are many advantages to using solar or wind for energy, and as far as disadvantages go, I personally cannot think of any. The sun and wind are free, they do not pollute the atmosphere or the earth, and they can actually put money back in my pocket. One more thing, think back to the last storm that Hardware Innovations 2018 caused a power outage in your area, if you had been using solar or wind for power you would have been the only one on your block that still had power. So, the next time a storm blows in, and the power goes out; think about how nice it would be if you had implemented either solar or wind power.

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