Knowledge – E-Books

“Knowledge is King”, this is one indisputable slogan that anyone would agree. In any given subject, one requires the knowledge to comprehend the subject well before taking any further steps. This is just like going through your academic education to learn the fundamentals of the subjects. In stages, you start to learn the basics from kindergarten to primary school, before heading off to college and university for more complex knowledge as you matured. Once you are out in the society to build your career, you begin to apply what you have learned back then. However, what you do in your job or business may somehow be quite different from what you learned in your school as it becomes more practical in approach and application. Though you learn as you move along; upgrade your skills, build your knowledge base and continuous learning process.
Knowledge can be acquired through many forms, such as; from education, practical experience, guided by mentor, learned from books, attend seminars and events, news and etc. However, with the advent of modern technology, Rising Tech knowledge and information can be vastly acquired and shared through e-books, networking sites, webinars, forums, video conferencing, internet marketing and other internet and intranet linked source.
E-books are fast; outpacing the traditional published books, especially for those technology savvy people, albeit individual preferences over printed copy and publishers’ e-books availability are concerned. In the era of modern technology, there are many brands and versions of e-reader software and gadgets available on the market to download and stored digital formatted e-books. Purchasing of e-books can be done at an instant speed anywhere with internet access, and usually e-books are priced economically at a fraction of the cost of a published book.
Unlike published books, self-author e-books are not normally scrutinized and edited through a publisher. This has result in uprising of e-books writers; while some do write their own e-books, unfortunately majority of them use MRR (Master Resale Rights) or PLR (Private Label Rights) with some editing or rephrasing of contents to call their own though there is nothing wrong with it. As a word of caution, reputable writers and sources are recommended when purchasing e-books to avoid paying for some inaccurate and outdated contents.
Nevertheless, knowledge is the key feed to our mind in understanding a subject, and to make things happen. Thanks to the advent of modern technology, compatible software and hardware enabled us to source information in ‘lighting’ Microsoft Latest Technologies 2019 speed and fast forward our learning curve. The wide arrays of categories in e-books have ultimately fulfilled our needs in gathering informative contents and even for pleasure readings which are both economical and green.

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