Laser Technology and Hair Regrowth

As men age, hair loss is not uncommon. But thinning hair doesn’t always depend on age. It is often genetic and may even begin in the late teens or early twenties. Today, There are Science Experiments many products on the market that offer various solutions to stop hair loss or to regrow hair. From creams and sprays to pills and shampoos, hair regrowth is a booming industry.
While creams and sprays such as Rogaine and DermMatch may work in the short term to provide the appearance of thicker, fuller hair, they don’t work deep down to help your hair follicles and cells regenerate and regrow hair. Hair growth is a biological process, Technology Makes Teaching Easy so to effectively fight it you need a solution that works at the biological level. Laser technology does just that and ultimately presents an alternative for hair regrowth that may prove to be more effective at stopping the progression of hair loss.
Lasers, like Lexington’s HairMax comb and Bauman’s Erchonia THL-1, use low-level laser light to stimulate cells and circulation. Hair regrowth is a result of energy activity in cells. Laser light works to release ATP to your cells, which spurs an increase in activity. When there is an increase in activity in the cells, your body’s ability to grow hair is improved. Laser light also curbs hair loss by stimulating circulation and blood flow to your scalp, helping eliminate waste products that can inhibit hair growth and deliver the nutrients to your hair follicles that are necessary for hair regrowth.
Laser light technology is a safe, effective and easy-to-use alternative to messy creams and sprays that simply cover thinning hair and don’t actually generate hair regrowth. With laser technology, you no longer have to rely on products that only give the appearance of more hair; you can actually regrow the hair you’ve lost.

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