Let’s Talk About Alternative Energy

Solar Panels currently are not that efficient in converting light into energy. Yes, they are much more efficient that trees with their photosynthesis, but not very efficient for use in powering up your home for instance. Yes, they work Tech Company Names fine for a calculator, but buying solar panels for your home and expecting a fast ROI, well, I doubt that is going to be a winner in this decade, that is if you installed them today with current widely used solar panel technologies.
Not long ago, I was discussing this with an international acquaintance who noted; “my brother-in-law explained to me, a marine architect, that solar panels yet have their severe limitations.” Well, yes her brother-in-law is correct, they are very inefficient.
You see, he had installed the solar panels on his sailboat, and they hardly helped at all, as the batteries were quickly depleted, and the Sun didn’t always shine due to the morning fog. Yep, same on my motor coach – biggest waste of money, I’d ever spent, but I do admit it was good PR for my company!
But the reality is PR is one thing, and alternative energy exploits have plenty of it, I am interested in true-blue results you see? Then we talked Agriculture Technology Salary about wind energy, and how noisy they were, and how they didn’t generate anything unless the wind was blowing. So, I let her in on a little secret;
All the wind generators in Palm Springs area, will not even power up the increased use during the summer to run the air-conditioners, it’s all a croc, the American People have been had, and their energy costs will triple in the next 5-years due to all the subsidies, give aways, and increased regulations attacking the fossil fuel sector, these bastards are destroying our energy and industrial strength, they are going to hurt families, and all of them and their cronies are going to make billions in this global warming scam.
What we should do as a nation is that the DOE should continue to invest in pure research, but not subsidies, when it’s ready the entrepreneurs will go for it when there is profit to be made, but we must let the free-market dictate reality, politically created realities always end badly, ethanol for instance. And Newt Gingrich aside, I am tired of the subsidies really. I like to eat my corn.
Now I am sorry if I’ve offended all the Republicans, all the global warming alarmists, all the liberals, and all the self-proclaimed socialists in the current administration, but it’s time we got real people.

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