Let’s Talk About the Space Race and the Problems Involved

It is well-known that when the United States participates in helping other nations into space, it makes friends and influences people. It prevents war, and conflict and trades that for friendly competition and the forward progression of mankind – a common cause to seek out and explore beyond. All good right? Well, not exactly, and let me explain.
You see the other day someone mentioned how the Space Race was uniting the human race, and yes, one can see that, but let me tell you of another revelation and observation when it comes to the so-called; Space Race. Well, we do not need to compete against the other nations, we need to compete against ourselves. It seems they are using our technology to do what we should have been doing all along.
Then steal whatever we do not give them, and use these space technologies to build weapons to threaten us – namely, making ICBM multi-stage rocket delivery systems to put nuclear tipped munitions on top. That doesn’t sound like a smart game to me. The problem it seems Uses Of Information Technology is no one has any balls. They sit in committees second guessing themselves into paralysis, like a bunch of lawyers. Sometimes you just have to accept the risk and go for it. We must continue our space program, and it is okay to leave all the other nations in the dust.
We are under no obligation to share our technology or knowledge to quasi-future enemies. Indeed, I am not sure why everyone became such a bunch pansies all of a sudden. Everyone is acting like a little dog on the porch, but we are the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind, it’s time we start acting like it and stopped apologizing for it.
For those who are pro-space, I agree on this space thing, I am also very pro-DARPA and other innovative pushes as well. I believe our Department of Energy gets it, and Applied Industrial Technologies Jobs is funding some good stuff too. Sometimes you just have to say; What the hell and take the risk. No risk, no gain – it’s a reality, not just a Sportswear symbol.
We need to be very careful with our space program, as far too many of those technologies, materials, and that knowledge can be used to build weapon systems, which may in the future challenge us and/or our allies. In fact, it has already happened many times the prior, and I suspect someday we are doing to be more than sorry when the proverbial waste hits the spinning propeller blades. Please consider all this.

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