Life Extension – Perhaps Only 20 Years Away

Life extension into many hundreds of years, and geothermal electricity production and desalination all excite me. Being Australian, I have always imagined desalinating sea water with geothermal electricity methods and using this massive resource of free and fresh water to recover the hundreds of millions of square miles of desert. With the rapid rise of genetic solutions, and more than just a ground-swell of activity in the life-extension technologies, all I need do to enjoy a 400 year life of forests in central Australia is to stay alive long enough for my life span to fall within these almost here technologies.
So much so is my committed belief that we soon will be able to reverse the aging process – or should I say the aging-related deconstruction we currently die from – that I only buy organic grown foods because they are fresh and have no chemicals and pesticides rather than the artificial stuff the food conglomerates call It Technician Job food. By only eating organic, I am not consuming the chemicals that harm my natural testosterone production and by adding natural testosterone boosting diet supplements to my daily multi vitamin, my body now naturally produces testosterone at a much higher average level than it did before changing my lifestyle choices.
Because of my healthy diet, and my boosted testosterone levels, I find that I am much more active than I had been since coming to China 4 years ago and as a result I have lost the belly fat that I put on my gut from all the cheap and nasty beer I was drinking too much of. Agricultural Technology Subject Combination My muscle mass levels are back to normal, I sleep like a baby all night long and my general state of mind is happy and energized. I will only be about 70 years old when the first wave of life extension technologies are ready, and I for one will be fully embracing them.

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