Looking to the Future in Our Job Search

33 RPM, 45 RPM – Do I hear a 78? Going, Going, Gone!
Do I hear record players, High Fidelity, VCR’s, phonographs, stereophonic, philharmonic? AM/FM–Tower Records, Disco, vinyl, LP, newspapers? Chances are, if you’re under the age of 30, you’re texting all your PEEPS: [email protected], WAJ, WAM, WAS, WAYF with a big WITP, not to mention WIU. Go look ’em up–I had to!
Past codes and buzz words of old emerging into codes and phrases of the here and now–Programming.
We’re all getting older. Life happens. I can’t listen to any form of recorded entertainment anymore. Nothing that I own will play them back. I can’t listen to radio anymore. The Hi-Ho that I listened to has been peed on. That’s right, Hip-Hop. Rude and dangerous role modeling in any culture. Television? Oh, please don’t go there! But if it’s Fastest Growing Startups 2018 the Worlds’ mantra to lead by example, it’s no wonder we are facing levels of war and crime unforeseen anywhere. Look at major motion pictures being released these days; action-packed and violence-ridden to proportions that would make anyone die of overexposure or commit suicide in the process. Theatre has become an elitists’ luxury.
So what’s a person to do? iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iMac, iTouch or iShuffle? iDock?
So the question at hand is how to change all that; how do we effectively reprogram our minds and behaviors to become better job hunters and superior employees? Well, for starters we must stop pushing the rewind button of our lives–throw out the old traditions and modes of producing and become forward imagineers. That’s not to say forget about it, but to learn from it. Take all the good out of it and build a new route for yourself. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but perhaps we can come up with practical, additional uses for it that haven’t been thought of before. Is there something in your life, your path of travel as it were, that could use a wheel to speed things along and make it more efficient or economical and possibly convey a novel application? Small is in, but we must think big and diverse–now, more than ever.
The workforce we left will come back far removed from what we remember, sadly. I have discovered that it will come back poles apart; reformatted and reprogrammed for the future. I figure that if we are looking for what we left, we are in effect programmatically, moving a step backwards. Where is the Industry in which we departed going? Find out, and then try to go a step or two further to beat the crowd and be a true pioneer, developer and entrepreneur true to form. Do yourself a favor and don’t strive to continue moving in the direction of where you’ve already been; we’ve worked way too hard for that. Take those efforts and energies and progress forward with it. Resting on our laurels in today’s marketplace is, well–foolhardy. Let’s use our glory days of yesteryear to invigorate and re-energize what lies ahead.
“There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, Shining at the end of Every Day”
– The Sherman Types Of Classroom Technology Brothers

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