Many Researcher Scientists Won’t Work on Technologies Which Might Be Used to Kill People

Not long ago, I read about a Carnegie Mellon Professor who refuses DARPA funding or grants for his research, but why? DARPA as you know is the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, which is Hi Tech News part of the United States Military and Department of Defense. Now, I understand why a scientist or a researcher would want to work to help the human race, and make the world a better place.
Still, I find the argument illogical that a research professor would not take grant money to do robotics projects and research that was funded by DARPA. As you may know many of the prosthesis devices that are used on wounded troops which have been hurt or maimed in battle from IED explosives sent by insurgents are terrorists, have been created, or funded through research in this way.
Robotics in the battlespace prevent the loss of life of our troops. A robot that can disassemble a bomb, or go investigate in IED, prevents a human from getting into harms-way. My brother was in the USMC, and some of his buddies watched their friends lose limbs.
Personally, I can think of no greater calling than to use your mind to protect all we are and all we’ve built. Whereas, I believe in the Cost Of Technology Over Time right to choose, I find fault with the reality behind the logic in stating that DARPA is not a positive use of robotics technology.
And if someone doesn’t want to take DARPA money and really feels that way, then stop using the Internet (ARPA-Net). It’s just silly and illogical nonsense, but very typical of academia these days. I am not impressed with anyone’s disregard for the United States Military. Please consider this.

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