Military Technology for Domestic Policing Considered

Not long ago, I was speaking with an acquaintance about the challenges of using military technology for domestic policing. Sure, if we wish to catch evil doers, international terrorists in our country, or lone wolf crazies it makes sense. We want a good police force and they need all the right tools, still, my acquaintance was concerned about our personal freedoms, just you or I might be. Okay so, let’s talk.
Indeed, he is correct, you see, once you cross that line it is a slippery slope; “those who’d (even temporarily) give up freedom for safety will have neither in the end.” Now then, for business and infrastructure security, I am okay with that. Hunting down terrorists and serious matters seems appropriate, still, consider the Machiavellian infiltrator into our government who wishes to use the technology against his political enemies via the state’s security forces, all of a sudden we have a problem.
It’s happened before and it surely will once again. What I am saying is that unfortunately these things occur from time to time under the auspice of fake cases, selective prosecution, politically corrupt judicial, and manipulated police reports to serve an individual’s New Agricultural Technology 2018 political will. Thus, we must be vigilant on that as well from a freedom and liberty standpoint, otherwise all is lost, and we’ve come close before, too close, even today there are issues – the Internet for instance, political paybacks, corporate espionage.
Worse we are now sharing information with international security forces, not all are as diligent as we are when it comes to freedom, they will not use the information they have about the American People as we would, why would they care? We should be wiser and not act like sheople or leave everything up to chance, luck, or hopeful change.
Interestingly enough, Vint Cerf made an interesting comment the other day about the use of copyright privacy laws being used as an excuse to spy on citizens, he’s right, we all know those bills congress passes give too much authority and few read between all the lines before they vote, that plus executive orders, and even secret executive orders, it’s scary stuff for America, especially considering the lofty promises we’ve made to ourselves all the way back to the founding documents.
Corrupt men will always attempt to circumvent their will over the people, not just in other countries, it can happen here too. Worse technology helps evil intentions and motives move faster, wherever it lurks. It’s all Dictatorship Survival 101 from their point of view – from yours and mine, well the opposite; survival of freedom and liberty.
The balance is quite serious, and each side always wants more. Too much on one side freedom is lost, on the other chaos, anarchy, and destabilization – not such a great choice either. There is a lot of philosophy in that regard, so, I study that too. Suffice it to say, it’s a challenge, one which must be met.
Still on the technology side, it’s paramount to protect our special forces, troops, soldiers, and assets on land, air, and sea, etc. We are not the only ones with night-vision infrared systems for instance. Everyone has that stuff now, leave it to the technology makers Agricultural Engineer to have that tech stolen, or have them sell it to foreign friend turned foe, along with all the illegal guns and arms sales globally. One rogue technology patent pirate manufacturer, it’s around the world in real time. Please consider all this and think on it.

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