Military Transfer Technologies to Fight Fires

Can we use military technologies used in Iraq and Afghanistan to take out wildfires before they grow too large? Let’s discuss this for a moment and realize I do not wish to “freak you out” as I do not know your political persuasion, just in case you are an anti-war person. And with Examples Of Handheld Technology Tools that said, I’d like you to know that I don’t condone killing one’s own species either, but I do believe in the best technology for defense for the American People and believe every nation has the right to defend itself. Whether it be against evil bad guys, or deadly fires.
This concept may not sit well with you, but I think these military technologies hold the key to fighting fires. You see, we have technology that allows us to see the ground at night and hunt down terrorists and fire upon them without them even seeing our plane. Now then, consider if you will that we have Satellites that have infrared and they can identify a fire within minutes due to the heat generated.
Next, consider a C-130 Gunship with the same system used to combat insurgents or terrorists, only it is loaded with fire suppression cartridges rather than 20 mm rounds. Gadget Features During fire season (2) C-130s would be assigned to San Diego, Riverside, and parts of San Bernardino County and one to LA County, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties.
The satellite would tell of a fire immediately and the aircraft would immediately go to that location, flying far over heard, and during Santa Ana winds it would already be airborne. The canisters are shot at the hot spots and explode on impact or just before spraying either fire retardant or something that sucks all the oxygen out of the surround area of 20 square yards, like a back draft explosive device, “pop” it would suck all the local oxygen away.
The delivery system exists now and could be deployed before fire season and tested. It could save unbelievable amounts of property and lives. Plus, we could also track anyone in the area to “have a little chat with them” and thus, catch the arsonist too, killing two birds with one stone, one being a future jail bird in this case. Please consider all this.

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