Mobile Phones – Revolutionary Wireless Communication Technology

The introduction of mobile phones is a revolutionary wireless communication technology. Since the birth of this great technology, it has been constantly undergone improvements and advancements to meet the fast changing desires of today’s youth. In simple words, today it has become a multitask performing or a multifunctional device that has ease the increasing human pressure to a greater extent.
Starting from the old type of huge and heavy mobile to the present day sleek and elegant mobiles, there are various types introduced in different shapes, specifications, configurations, and functions. Basic phones have features like phone book, text messages, clock, calendar, and ringtone compatibility but the new generation phones like smartphones, touch screen mobiles, Shindig Makerequest and PDAs are enriched with high-end features and variety of technologies like web browsing, entertainment functions, and gaming. These are most popularly tagged as business phones and some even do call them pocket computers as many of the newly introduced phones are also loaded with the operating system similar to the one installed on personal computers.
There are many advantages of mobile phones apart from the basic function of making the communication more easy, convenient, and comfortable. People today use phones for text messaging, chatting, playing games, watching movie clips, enjoying audio songs, and clicking Computer Technician Job Description Resume beautiful memories. The recent java based phones are more highly technological and functional as they are compatible to various other functions like polyphonic ringtones, MP3 tones, Bluetooth, USB device, picture messaging, web browsing, and chatting.
In India, Nokia is the largest mobile device manufacturer who pioneered the introduction in the country. After that many other mobile manufacturer companies like Samsung, LG, and Sony Ericsson kept on introducing new handsets and simultaneously kept making the desired improvements for betterments. Mobile service providers like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Tata Indicom, Reliance, and Virgin are all offering competitive rates to mobile users for using bundle of services and functions offered.
Everyone is now talking on the move. The great innovation has crossed all physical and geographical boundaries when it comes to communication. No one with a mobile phone ever feels bore with bundle of services and functions to enjoy and entertain. The market in India is witnessing heavy rise with every passing month and the customer base is strengthening with every single day. Mobiles have completely changed the way people spend their time and live their life.

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