Murder By Another Name Written By Jo Stone

You are a woman that wants to have your breasts enlarged or changed for one reason or another. You go to a specialist that you trust. This doctor will advise you and will help you change your appearance with surgery. After Shenandoah University Cybersecurity the surgery you are very satisfied with your new look. Your sagging is gone, or your unevenness is now evened to your wishes. Your newly shaped breasts are your pride and joy and you feel so much better in public.
Now we go to the “what ifs” from that surgery. You find out that there is something wrong with those implants, something that might give you liver cancer from surgery by a highly recommended doctor and you need to do something to counteract the new implants you were so proud of and with which you were so happy. That is the basis of “Murder By Another Name” as Jo Stone takes you through the life of such a victim who is trying desperately to stay alive until her trial is over, a trial that will attempt to prosecute the company that placed that style of implant on the market and made a killer of it. Pamela Larson is happily married to Larry who stands behind his dearest wife as she now fights liver cancer that is wracking her body on her way to almost a certain death from that type of breast implant.
The implant had been developed by PSS, a company that then sold their business and patents to Conway Chemical, so the litigation was against both companies. When some involved were killed or badly wounded while attempting to Innovative Ideas In 2019 kill them, things went from bad to worse. The battle between manufacturer and patient and all in between became dangerous and deadly. The new coated implant was much more dangerous than the manufacturers would ever admit.
Janet Stephenson was the attorney for Pamela and Larry Lawson. She, along with her cohorts worked long and tiring hours to prepare for the trial, as did the bevy of lawyers for the implant manufacturers. They dug deep no matter who got hurt. When the trial date finally occurred all were still busy as could be still gathering last minute bits of information in an attempt to get the edge in the trial. The book is long but the author doesn’t let the action calm down one bit and does not allow the reader to get lost. Jo Stone has written about a very timely and interesting medical matter that surely will make many women think first before they consider breast implants. As with any other surgery, complications can occur and one must decide if the surgery is worth the risk.

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