New Home Driving Simulator Technology Increases Safe Student Practice

AplusB Software has launched a home driving simulator for beginner drivers, the SimuRide Home Edition (HE), for those preparing for their driving tests or those who need more practice mileage. The SimuRide HE is new software that provides safe, hands-on driving practice in addition to practicing in a real vehicle.
Driving is a big deal; it doesn’t matter if you’re new and nervous or experienced and complacent, driving well is a skill that needs to be trained. Despite such improvements as the graduated driver’s license (GDL) program, traffic accidents still lead as the main cause of death for teenagers ages 15 to 19. Knowing how to handle dangerous situations properly comes from experience, and with inexperienced drivers a persisting issue, everyone is better off with a little more practice.
Most new drivers are eager to practice; however, not all students have access to a practice vehicle, or time to practice, or to a driving school. Busy parents with good intentions to supervise their teenagers while driving may not be able to schedule many practices and can be deterred by fuel costs and risks of damage.
Some driving schools offer simulated driving lessons before and during real practice to build good habits in a calm, safe environment. The use of a simulator reduces fuel costs and costs associated with vehicle wear such as tire and brake replacements Evolution Of It Industry and oil changes. These savings were, until recently, reserved for driving schools or users who could afford large investments in the technology. Miraculously, makers of the SimuRide HE were able to transfer the same experience to the home computer.
Important skills that can be practiced Low Tech Entrepreneur on the SimuRide HE include:
– Starting the car and putting it into the right gear (automatic)
– Accelerating and decelerating
– Turning and reversing using signals and rear-view mirrors
– Passing a moving vehicle
– Merging onto a highway
– Turning on headlights in darkness
– Parallel parking
– Parking in a provided space
– Decision making and reacting to moving obstacles and road blocks
– Interacting with other motorists on the road and at intersections
– Driving, turning, and reversing with a trailer attachment
– Maintaining good driving speed
– Being aware of road signage
Details on the SimuRide HE can be found on the AplusB Software website at .

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