New Technology and A Little Philosophy on That

There seems to be a big debate whether technology is good or bad. I would submit to you that technology has always been used for either. Even when a new technology comes along there are generally unintended consequences until things balance back out again, only to be disrupted once more by even a newer high-tech gizmo, apparatus, or invention. Okay so, let’s talk about this for second shall we?
Yes, isn’t that always how it goes? Some of the changes are not so good, others are overwhelmingly amazing, literally hyper-spacing all areas of society at once. Perhaps, that’s why I like Kurzweil and Company’s Singularity Institute’s peek into where all this is going. We live in exciting and interesting times! Would you agree? I have so many thoughts on this topic. In fact, not long ago an interesting individual an acquaintance asked if I would like to open up a philosophical dialogue on this.
Of course I agreed and stated; I’d sure like to hash them out on a philosophical basis, if you would like to challenge all sides of the debate. There is really so much to debate when you think about it. For instance, how about the following topics;
The Unibomber’s ManifestoArthur C Clarke’s Concept in 3001 of a Helmet for Thought SwappingThe Latest Arab Spring, or Arab Perennial’s Use of Social Online NetworksThe Future of Online Voting in the eRepublicThe NSAs Collection of All CommunicationThe Electronic Freedom Foundation’s (EFF) Issues with PrivacyRobots Taking over Human’s JobsRobotic Warfare
The range of philosophical topics on new technology is endless. Every new technology has new issues, and the combining of new technologies puts forth even more. If those at The Singularity Institute are correct, and their arguments are quite Stem Activities For Kindergarten compelling, then humans are in for a very exciting ride, but it won’t be one without turbulence, controversy, or the proverbial “crisis and opportunity” all mixed into one. We can expect all that and more – the symbols are on the wall.
In fact, the changes will be so drastic we will have a tough time predicting which way they will flow. Perhaps by now you’ve learned all about big data, and the collection of everything which is happening online, including everything National Education Technology Plan 2019 that happens in your personal space. Will we end up like The Matrix, the Borg, or 1984 – or will we end up living in a utopian paradise with unlimited life spans – can humans even psychologically handle that right now?
Perhaps that psychological challenge is something we should also discuss because underneath all the current technology, people are just humans, and humans are just animals – they have just been thrust into a modern setting, and get ready for the future, as there is a good chance it will look anything like it does now.

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